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Ads by FastTrack2WealthTeam.com

Discover how to create multiple Income Streams and build long term MASSIVE Traffic whilst growing your downlines in your Primary business.

You'll also receive FREE advertising for life, and build your list by using our Forced Income, Downline Micro Business Team Building Program.

If this all sounds too good to be true - then read the no hype, no frills but brutally honest report below.

Click here if you are a member of Traffic Wave and want to grow your Traffic Wave business, without changing your existing sponsor.

Click here to discover how to build any business by using only Traffic Exchanges.

Click here to understand how our system can build any business you may be promoting.

Hi, I am Dena Mullens and I want to thank you for stopping by and viewing this website.

The information that you will receive from this report, if acted upon, will without a doubt change your financial situation for the better.

If you are:

  New at Internet Marketing - you will succeed with us.

  Tried Team Building Programs before, without much luck - you will succeed with us.

  Have tried other business opportunities, without making any money - you will succeed with us.

  Want to make more money with your current primary business - you will succeed with us.

  Increase the traffic flowing to your website - you will succeed with us.

  Build a bigger list - you will succeed with us.

  Want to build your Traffic Wave business - you will succeed with us.


You will find the information on this website to be absolutely honest, straight to the point and at times harsh, but if you have been poking around on the Internet for any amount of time, then you will find my approach refreshing, as a dose of reality is probably what you need.

So let's start off by saying that if you are a freebie seeker, then this is not for you.

It does cost to get started with our program...a whole $13.00 and that's a ONE TIME ONLY payment....NO MONTHLY FEES.

If that's too much for you, then I thank you for your time and wish you all the best for the future. Close your browser now and go and find some other opportunity that will promise you the world for no financial commitment, there's plenty of them out there.

If you are expecting to be rich tomorrow, the same applies....Fast Track 2 Wealth Team is not a get rich quick scheme.

If you are not willing to make any time commitment in developing a business that will pay you for the rest of your life, then ditto - Fast Track 2 Wealth Team is not for you.

Still here - great you are the person I want to talk too.

Grab a cup of your favourite beverage, print out this report and be prepared to get excited about creating a brighter financial future for you and your family.


What is Fast Track 2 Wealth Team?


Our program can best be described as a Downline Builder program, but like nothing else you have seen. on the Internet today.

It uses several strategies to develop and expand an Online business and incorporates the concepts of Forced Income combined with Team Building, to generate massive website traffic and has the potential to develop a long term residual income for its members.

It has wide appeal to anyone desiring to develop a very good income from the Internet, is simple to understand and takes no more than a few hours per week to operate.

Seasoned Internet Marketers who may already have several online businesses will find that this program is a valuable asset in not only developing several new income streams, but as an exceptional promotional tool for their existing business.

It will help you to develop a list and build downlines in many different programs, most of which are completely free to join.

Those new to Internet Marketing, who desire to own and operate their own Online business, will find that we have everything here that you need to succeed, with great tutorials explaining every step of our strategy.

The best part is you get all of the above for a measly ONE TIME COST of only $13.00. There are no additional cost and NO MONTHLY FEES whatsoever.

Now the obvious question is "what do I get for my $13.00?".

Well, you are gaining membership to three programs, one of which has been in existence for eighteen years. The other two are relative newcomers, having been in existence for around 12 months. These programs have honest and reliable Admins at the helm.

But before I go into details about the programs that we will use to create wealth for you, it's important to understand that although stability and economic viability of a program is important, the real key is how we incorporate these programs into a complete money making system, something that we believe is rather unique in the Internet world.


Rock solid, high performing programs with supportive Admins are the key to program choice


The Core programs that we are using to create wealth for you are:

1. F5M Millionaires Club

2. ICCycler

3. The $2 Dollar Miracle

1. F5M-Millionaires Club

This is a feeder program to many other great income producing programs. The one time investment is only $5, however it is one of the best ways that I have ever seen to create wealth.

You progress through various levels and programs, and as you fill each of the programs matrixes you gain entry into the next program at no cost.

This eventually leads to the clubs main wealth producing program, WTIA, which has been around for 18 years and has created many, many millionaires.

Our Micro Business Team Build Strategy ensures that you are pushed through the various levels.

To see an outline of how F5M - Millionaires Club works, click here.

2. ICCycler

A newcomer so to speak and part of the Incremental Cash network of websites.

This program operates on a series of 10 matrixes, all 2 x 2 in format. So it only takes 6 people to fill each matrix. You progress through each of the matrixes receiving various increasing revenues from completion of the matrixes.

The investment to start is only $6.00, with free re-entry into the next matrix occurring as you complete each cycle. There are no other out of pocket expenses.

To see an outline of how ICCycler works, click here.

3. The $2 Dollar Miracle

This is a relatively new program owned and operated by a very respected admin.

You progress through 4 matrixes, all consisting of a 3 x 3 format. On the completion of the first matrix you are paid an amount of $5. The second will pay you $50, the third will pay $500 and the fourth a massive $5,000.

Not only will you receive the above sums for each matrix, but you will also receive matching bonuses when each of your personally sponsored members complete their matrix.

Sponsor 10, help them achieve the completion of the fourth matrix and you will make $50,000..nice!

For a one time payment of only $2.00 you can make a substantial income of many thousands of dollars.

To see an outline of how The $2 Dollar Miracle works, click here.


Our Forced Income Strategy - guarantees that you will make money!


Every one that joins FastTarck2WealthTeam is required to join the above programs through the links in the membership area.

As people join you in your FastTrack2WeathTeam, they will join through your links in the membership area, falling into your matrix in each of the programs.

Thus the term forced income.

All our Core Programs allow you to have multiple memberships but you will still need to join these programs through the respective links in your FastTrack2WeathTeam members area.


How our system works to create a solid residual income for you!


Here's how our system works in a nutshell:

1. You join Fast Track 2 Wealth Team from the join link below for FREE. 

2. You join and upgrade in the three programs above, through the links in your membership area

3. You access the Micro Business Team Build Strategy, also free.

4. Then you just promote the one link, using our marketing materials and our recommended free advertising resources, all coded with your referral id's, for 15 - 30 minutes per day, over and over again until you attain the income level that you desire.

It really is that easy to succeed and generate a nice income.


Our Micro Business Team Build Strategy ensures that you will be successful - this is team building on steroids!


To succeed in any Internet enterprise, you do need to advertise your business. There is no way out of this.

You will be required to send 500 hits per week to a chosen link in order to participate in our Micro Business Team Build Strategy.

Just to ease your mind, if you use Traffic Exchanges then our Power Surf methods which you will learn about once you join, will have you achieving 500 hits per week, spending only 15 - 30 minutes per day.

The more hits you send, the faster your business will grow.

I know that there are other team groups out there promoting different programs and even F5M, in a team build environment, but no one does it like we do here at Fast Track 2 Wealth Team.

I also know that each different team build group requires you to send varying amounts of hits to their recruitment links and whether it is 100, 700 or 3,000 per week; it doesn't matter. You cannot shortcut marketing.

One advantage that we have here is that all the programs that you are required to join, are all one time only payments. Many people these days are staying away team build programs that require a monthly fee.

All Team Building types of programs use a URL rotator. A rotator is nothing more than a program that rotates a series of URL's, normally a referral URL.

Nothing wrong with using a rotator, we do here at FatTrack2WealthTeam. There is even a free one in your membership area for you to use. The big problem, with most other Team Builds is how long you have to wait for your turn in the hot seat.

Let me give you an example -

There are a few team build programs that promote Traffic Wave. Now don't get me wrong, Traffic Wave is a great program. Mater of fact, I use it myself.

Just using the above scenario, you join a team build promoting Traffic Wave to get your three paid affiliates, which covers your monthly Traffic Wave membership fee.

Let's say that you are number 50 in that rotator, that means that 147 people have to be recruited before it's your turn at the top of the rotator (the hot seat).

That surely takes a fair amount of time, and all the time you are paying your monthly $17.95 fee.

Follow me along here, those three associates of yours also require three affiliates to cover their monthly fees.

For all of  them to rise to the top of the rotator, that would require an additional recruitment of 3 x 147

If you thought that 147 takes a bit of time, how long do you think that 441 takes.

And all the while, people are paying their $17.95 fees for their Traffic Wave account, each and every month.

Many drop out before they even make it to the hot seat, and that is where the problem with team build lies.

There is a better way...we call it Micro Business Team Building.

This is how it works:

Our Primary objective is as a team, to place six people in your frontline in F5M Millionaire Club, which will gain you entry into the Gold Booster portion of that program.

If you haven't read the notes on F5M, it's probably a good idea to do so now.

We then as a team, place six members under each of your frontline six, which enters each of them into Gold Booster. Working this way means that both you and your personally sponsored team members are all receiving an immediate income.

Then together we just duplicate the process over and over again.

This ensures that you receive a fully paid position at the Silver level and eventually a paid Gold level position i.e. paid membership into WTIA, where fortunes are made.

This all takes a little time, but using our Micro Business Team Build Strategy, you can shortcut the time it would normally take working on your own.

Your sponsor works with you, assisting you to build your team until you have accomplished six frontline each with their own six frontline.

You then break away from your Sponsor, and assist each of your frontline six, to develop their own front line six.

This process speeds up the time taken to build a business in F5M and leads to a very strong business and subsequent long term income.

It's a total win-win situation as you form part of your Sponsors business as well as your downline forming part of your business.

Every time a new member joins you in your Fast Track 2 Wealth Team business you will be building your F5M Millionaires Club, The $2 Dollar Miracle and ICCycler businesses.

Repeating that process over and over again will ensure that you are consistently receiving monthly commission payments of many hundreds and later, thousands of dollars.

This my friend is a very simple but extremely effective marketing strategy that will lead to long term wealth for you and your family.


Your success in any Internet Business is directly related to your ability to develop website traffic!


In you membership area you will find many useful Website Traffic resources such as a clever Viral Program that will assist you to get well in excess of 1,000,000 real visitors to your website. That's free.

How about earning credits and getting your advertisement seen by real people, just for browsing Search engines. It's also free.

Wouldn't it be great if you received Website Traffic just by using a specific Search Engine other than Google? It's no cost either.

In other words we use a combination of techniques and strategies that will significantly boost your Website Traffic, all at no cost and all relatively easy to use.

You are free to use whatever means you desire to generate traffic to your website, but in order to arrive at the position where you are earning a complete hands free income, what is termed residual income, I suggest and advocate the use of a combination of Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists.


If you are not familiar with the use of Traffic Exchanges, it is covered in complete detail in your members area and is part of the Downline Builder function of the program.

Traffic Exchanges are easy to operate and understand and as such, many program owners advocate the use of Traffic Exchanges to expose their business to the Internet public.

Generally speaking, most Traffic Exchanges operate on a ratio of somewhere around 1 to 3. In other words you must view three pages to have your page displayed once in the Traffic Exchange network.

But do Traffic Exchanges really work?

They do, if you advertise something that Traffic Exchange users want.

If you currently surf the Exchanges, I'll bet that it's not to join other income making opportunities.


I can absolutely guarantee that you are surfing Traffic Exchanges for only one major reason:

To make money.......which means that you must .......

1. Have people join your primary business....which means that you need to..
2. ...Advertise your business....which means that you need to....
3. ...Accumulate credits...which means that you need to....
4. ...Continually surf the TE's or build a surfing downline for referral credits.


So building an income on the Internet all starts at Step 4.


A simple and effective strategy for building Traffic Exchange Downlines

The beauty of Traffic Exchanges (TE), beside being free and a very effective means of exposure, is that most will give you credits when your downlines surf (advertise their website) the TE. These are known as Residual Credits.

The % amount of residual credits received by you will vary from one Traffic Exchange to another and often a % is paid more than one level deep.

This very feature of Traffic Exchanges can mean that over a period of time that the amount of credits you will receive via way of residual credits will be greater than the required weekly quota i.e. 500 hits per week.

In your membership area you will find a listing of the top 20 Traffic Exchanges and as you have people join you in your Fast Track 2 Wealth Team, many of them will join the Traffic Exchanges under you, thus creating referral credits for you.

To give you some idea of what we are talking about here, let's just choose one of my favourite Traffic Exchanges; WebBizInsider.

Web Biz pay 100 bonus credits for an initial referral and 10% residual credits up to 6 levels deep.


The strategy that we will adopt is that each member will recruit only one person per month and in turn that person will also recruit only one person per month.

The chart below shows how this strategy plays out over a six month basis

* Includes self Month1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6
Total Personally Sponsored 1* 2* 3* 4* 5* 6*
Downline 0 0 1 4 11 26
Total Group 1 2 4 8 16 32
Total Weekly Pages Surfed (150 ea)   150 450 1050 2250 4650
10 % Residual Credits   15 45 105 225 465

Explanation of chart:

Total Personally Sponsored, includes your self.

Downline, are those members recruited by your sponsored people.

Total Group is the total of members under you.

Weekly pages surfed is a little bit harder to explain, but here goes. Each member is required to send 500 hits per week to their rotator link. If you are a free member in an Traffic Exchange, generally speaking you will have to surf 1500 pages to accumulate 500 hits. Although it does vary, most Traffic Exchanges operate on a 1:3 ratio for free members.

Now if a member surfs only 10 exchanges, then they are surfing 150 pages per Traffic Exchange. That's how I have arrived at the figure used above in the chart.

10% Residual Credits - In the example of Webiz, they pay 10% residual bonus down six levels. So If you look at month 2; 10% of 150 is 15. These are additional page views of your chosen web page.

By month 6, using our strategy, you could be making 465 credits per week, to advertise your own primary business web site. If you multiply that by 10 Traffic Exchanges, then you will be sending close to 5,000 hits per week to your Primary Business, whilst quietly building your FT2WT business, and making an income from the three Core Programs.

At that rate and in time, there would be no reason for you to ever surf again and your FT2WT and your Primary Business would be a truly set and forget process. THAT'S REAL RESIDUAL INCOME!

On top of this potentially amazing amount of credits that you could receive for FREE is the fact that some of your downline will upgrade their membership status to pro membership in some of the Traffic Exchanges.  This can result in you receiving a cash commission, depending on your own membership level, of up to 50%.

Does this really happen?


Not to brag, but after only a few years on the Internet I have close to 1900 members in my WebBiz downline. As you can imagine, that's an enormous amount of residual credits that go into my Web Biz account every single month.



If you are currently a member of Traffic Wave, then your membership in FT2WT will greatly assist you to expand your Traffic Wave business.

I personally am a member of Traffic Wave, so as you can imagine, the FT2WT site has been optimised to encourage and promote Traffic Wave to potential members.

In the Core Programs page of your FT2WT membership area, where every new members is directed so to join the mandatory programs (F5M, ICC & 2DM), there is an optional area for people to join Traffic Wave.

You simply insert your Traffic Wave username in the text box provided and then everyone, who chooses to join Traffic Wave, through your FT2WT business, will be in your Traffic Wave downline....and unlike most programs, you wont even have to change your Traffic Wave sponsor!

We have even developed a Splash Page, aimed directly at Traffic Wave members, that you can use to promote your FT2WT business. There are a lot of Traffic Wave members out there, that can use the benefits that membership in FT2WT brings, to increase their Traffic Wave business.

Whilst those people will not join you in your Traffic Wave business, they will join you in your FT2WT business, so it's a total WIN/WIN situation.

Another great benefit for you as a Traffic Wave member, is our Auto Responder email series, which is free for you to use to promote your FT2WT business. The A/R series, integrates easily into your Traffic Wave account.

Use our Lead Capture Pages (LCP), which are pre coded with your FT2WT referral link, and when prospective new members fill out the form, giving you their name and email address, the FT2WT email series which has been loaded into your Traffic Wave account, takes over and gently encourages them to join FT2WT under you.

Guess what; you have started a list that you can market too!

Now if that's not enough to tempt you, then within the membership area, you can promote your Traffic Wave business, through Banners, a link in the Sponsors Recommended Programs page, or even in Text Ads, depending on your FT2WT membership level.

You even get to email your downline once every seven days, directly from within your membership area.

This is great exposure for your Traffic Wave business.

You will also receive an upgrade to Pro membership in our Residual Wealth Success Formula (RWSF) downline builder program. This is a program that we own, that promotes the Traffic Wave 30 day trial , through our Traffic Wave line of sponsorship.

Normally, this would not be available to existing Traffic Wave members, outside our line of sponsorship, but as a member of FT2WT, you are automatically granted Pro membership in RWSF, without having to change your sponsor!

I have built most of my early Traffic Wave business through the RWSF program, so I know marketing the 30 day trial, through the RWSF marketing system really works.

Pro membership in RWSF, allows you to place a banner of your choice, which has unlimited rotations within the membership site, to be seen in rotation by all members. You can not only promote your Traffic Wave business through these links, but any business that you are affiliated with can be promoted in the same manner.

Like any site that we own, these ads must be, what we would term, family friendly.

RWSF also comes with LCP's and an email series, which you can plug into your existing Traffic Wave Account, to assist you to build your Traffic Wave downline.

Just like FT2WT, you still get to keep your RWSF leads in your own Auto Responder, to market to again and again.

This truly is a great way of growing your Traffic Wave business and will make you stand out from the horde of Internet Marketers promoting Traffic Wave.




If you already have another business Online, then you will find our Downline Builder to be of immense value to you as it is often easier to promote a mixture of programs rather than one individual opportunity.

In Fast Track 2 Wealth Team, beside being able to participate in the Micro Business Team Builds, developing three sources of income and increasing traffic to your website, there are many complimentary advertising methods that you will receive once you become a member.

They include:

Banner Impressions - Unlimited and in rotation for all members to see.

A Sponsors Recommended Programs Listing which will promote your two best programs of your choice, subject to Admin approval, down five levels.

Email your downline - Directly from your members area, once every seven days.

And these benefits are yours, completely free for life!

Now every program has an upgrade option, and Fast Track 2 Wealth Team is no exception.

When you join FastTrack2WeathTeam and invest the required $13.00 in the Core programs to create your three income streams, you are considered a free member.

However for only $5.00 per month you can upgrade to Pro member and receive enhanced advertising benefits.

The table below shows the difference between Free and Pro membership levels:

Resource Free Pro
Number of Program you can list on Sponsors Recommended Program Page 2 5
Levels of Downline reached on Sponsors Recommended Programs Page 5 10
Banner - unlimited rotations in Members Area Yes Yes
Text Links - unlimited rotations in Members Area No Yes
Splash Page - in rotation at log out No Yes
Email Downline - once every 7 days Yes Yes
Your FT2WT referral link placed in Corporate Advertising Rotator No Yes
Monthly Commission on personal Pro Member Upgrades $0.75 $2.00
Monthly cost $0.00 $5.00


As you can see, if you have an existing Internet business, Pro Membership is the way to go.

Just refer three Pro members and your monthly Pro Membership fees are covered.


Why does this program have such wide appeal to the Internet Marketer?


Many people are just so fed up with laying out a monthly fee for programs and in many cases they find that the fees far outweigh the returns. If you have been Online for any amount of time...well you know what I mean.

For those that are newbie's:

We take them by the hand and in our step by step tutorials show them correctly how to develop a sustainable income.

For those that are experienced marketers:

We help develop their "other" business through our assortment of advertising mediums that will explode their downline.

For those who just love Team Build Programs:

We have the ideal concept in our Micro Business Team Building Strategy that once and for all eliminates the lengthy delays encountered in other Team Build programs.

For those who just want to make some money:

Well, there is an instant three income streams, four if you count the Pro Membership commissions.

For those who want more website visitors:

And who doesn't. Our Traffic Exchange Downline Builder and the use of other Viral Traffic techniques will substantially increase the traffic to your website.

For those who don't like monthly fees:

A one time payment of $13.00 is all that is required.

For those that are risk averse:

You're kidding - it's only $13.00 - don't let the cost of a meal get in your way of making a substantial income that will pay you for the rest of your life!


Your ONE TIME $13.00 payment includes everything you need to make a success of earning an online income and includes....


  Your own members area.

  Ability to promote your "other" business.

  Upgraded membership in our three Core Income Programs .

  Increased Traffic to your website.

  Ability to email your downline once every 7 days.

  A huge array of advertising resources to get your message across.

  The comfort and benefits of a Team Build.

  A full range of marketing materials to promote your FT2WT business.

  Ability to grow your income exponentially.

  Everything you need to make a difference to your financial life.

  Ability to grow MASSIVE downlines in many programs.


There is no Website to set up, no telephone calls to make, no surveys to complete, no hassling neighbours or friends.

There are no special skills required. If you can copy and paste and click your mouse, you are in business.

The whole process is Internet Driven.

In other words, you can make an income using Fast Track 2 Wealth Team with nothing more than a computer and Internet connection.


After I join, what exactly do I have to do?


It's really simple.

After the initial set up process, which is covered in the members area, you just advertise your Rotator Link through the recommended free advertising resources, which will take you between 15 - 30 minutes per day.

That's it.

The system takes care of the rest.


It's your turn now!


What more can I say.

In Fast Track 2 Wealth Team you have everything you need to become successful in an Internet Business.

Isn't it finally time to stop jumping from program to program and really start to make some money?


So what is my next step?


Click on the join button below to be taken to the Fast Track 2 Wealth Team register page. There you will find on your home page the program links for you to join.

Please note, that you must join through these links. If you are already a member of ICCycler, The $2 Dollar Miracle or F5M, you will still need to join through these links, as your existing accounts in these programs will not be recognised.

Simply follow the instructions, make your membership payments through each of the respective links, and dare I say it, watch your income grow, every single month.

If you cannot afford the initial membership payment, then you really need to join Fast Track 2 Wealth Team. Otherwise, if you keep doing the same things that you are doing now, guess what...nothing changes!

Now is the time to take control of your life!

Please understand that this is not a get rich scheme. You will be building an income based on sound business practices that will take some time. If you are looking for overnight riches...you won't find it here.

In the internet world, we call those promises of instant or overnight riches scams.

You should consider your Fast Track 2 Wealth Team membership as a longer term business venture. A business venture that can and will produce for you a very good income over time.

If you can find another business model that will do that for you, please take up that offer. If not, click the join button below and let's get you started on a rather unique income generating plan.

The sooner you join the higher up you will be in the Team Build Rotator, and the Faster you will see money in your Bank Account !

Why put off joining for another day?

How many people will be added that could have been in YOUR TEAM, earning money for you?



Don't delay - ACT TODAY to secure your economic future!

"There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction." - John F. Kennedy

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